Spriral Hydraulic Hose SAE100R13

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Structure: The hose is composed of an inner rubber layer, four or six sprials wire reinforcement and an outer rubber layer
Application: To transport alcohol, hydraulic oil, fuel oil, lubricating oil, emulsifier, hydrocarbon and other hydraulic oil.
Working Temperature: -40℃~+120℃

1.Heavy Duty, High Impulse, Multiple Spiral Steel Wire Reinforced, Rubber Covered

This section covers hose for use with petroleum base hydraulic fluids within a temperature range of –40 to +121 °C and
with water base hydraulic fluids within the temperature ranges agreed upon by the manufacturers of both the hose and
the fluid. Operating temperatures in excess of +121 °C with petroleum base hydraulic fluids may materially reduce the life of the hose.

2.Hose Construction

This hose shall consist of an inner tube of oil resistant synthetic rubber, multiple spiral plies of heavy steel wire wrapped in alternating directions, and an oil and weather resistant synthetic rubber cover. A ply or braid of suitable material may be used over or within the inner tube and/or over the wire reinforcement to anchor the synthetic rubber to the wire.

3.Inspection Tests

Inspection tests listed as follows shall be performed on two samples representing each lot of 150 to 3000 m of bulk hose.
Lots of less than 150 m of hose need not be subjected to these tests if a lot has been tested and met the requirements
within the previous 12-month period.
a. Dimensional Check Test
b. Proof Test
c. Change in Length Test
d. Burst Test
Visual Examination is required for all hose and/or hose assemblies.
Hose manufacturing facilities that are ISO 9000 or ISO/TS 16949 certified with a quality management system, which
undergoes routine assessments by an accredited third party registrar may use their documented inspection test
procedures in lieu of the inspection test req

Product Parameters

Nominal Diameter I.D.(mm) W.D. mm O.D. O.D. W.P.
Proof B.P. Min. B.P. Weigh
(mm) (mm) (mm) (Kg/m)
(Mpa) (Mpa) (mm)  
mm inch min max min max min max min min min  
19.0   3/4 18.6 19.8 28.2 29.8 31.0 33.2 10.5 70.0 140.0 240.0 1.36
25.0 1 25.0 26.4 34.9 36.4 37.6 39.8 8.8 70.0 140.0 300.0 2.12
31.5 1  1/4 31.4 33.0 45.6 48.0 48.3 51.3 6.3 70.0 140.0 420.0 3.75
38.0 1  1/2 37.7 39.3 53.1 55.5 55.8 58.8 5.0 70.0 140.0 500.0 5.49
51.0 2 50.4 52.0 66.9 69.3 69.5 72.7 4.0 70.0 140.0 640.0 7.13

Place of Origin: Qingdao, China
Model Number: Compact Pilot Hose PLT serious
Certification: ISO9001:2015; TS16949; ISO14001:2015; OHSAS18001:2017

Brand Name: OEM Brand & Leadflex
Business Type: Manufacturer
Cover: Smooth & Wapped

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