Braid Hydraulic Hose EN857 2SC

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Structure: The hose is composed of an inner rubber layer, two braid wire reinforcement and an outer rubber layer
Application: To transport alcohol, hydraulic oil, fuel oil, lubricating oil, emulsifier, hydrocarbon and other hydraulic oil.
Working Temperature: -40℃~+100℃

Product Parameters

Nominal Diameter  I.D.(mm) W.D. mm  O.D.  W.P.
B.P.  B.P.  Min. B.P.  Weigh
(mm) (mm) (Kgs/m) 
(Mpa) (Mpa) (mm)  
mm inch  min max min max Min  min min min  
6.0  1/4  6.1  6.9  10.6  11.7  14.2  40.0  45.0  160 75 0.27 
8.0  5/16 7.7  8.5  12.1  13.3  16.0  35.0  43.0  140 85 0.33 
10.0  3/8  9.3  10.1  14.4  15.6  18.3  33.0  132.0  132 90 0.40 
13.0  1/2  12.3  13.5  17.5  19.1  21.5  27.5  110.0  110 130 0.50 
16.0  5/8  15.5  16.7  20.5  22.3  24.7  25.0  100.0  100 170 0.60 
19.0  3/4  18.6  19.8  24.6  26.4  28.6  21.5  85.0  86 200 0.80 
25.0  1 25.0  26.4  32.5  34.3  36.6  16.5  65.0  66 250 1.14 

Place of Origin: Qingdao, China
Model Number: Compact Pilot Hose PLT serious
Certification: ISO9001:2015; TS16949; ISO14001:2015; OHSAS18001:2017

Brand Name: OEM Brand & Leadflex
Business Type: Manufacturer
Cover: Smooth & Wapped

EN857 Standard


This European Standard specifies requirements for two typres of wire braid reinforced compact hoses and hose assemblies of nominal bore form 6 to 25.
They are suitable for use with:
- hydraulic fluids in accordance with ISO 6743-4 with the exception of HFD R, HFD S and HFD T at temperatures ranging from -40℃ to +100℃;
- water based fluids at temperatures ranging from -40℃ to +70 ℃;
The standard dose not include requirements for end fittings. It is limited to the performance of hoses and hose assemblies.

Note 1: The hoses are not suitable for use with castor oil based nor ester based fluids.
Note 2: Hoses and hose assemblies should not be operated outside the limits of this standard.
Note 3: Requirements for hydraulic hoses for underground mining are standardised in separate standards.

Types of hoses

Two types of hoses are specified:
-Type 1SC- hoses with a single braid of wire reinforcement;
-Type 2SC- hoses with two braid of wire reinforcement.

Material and construction

Hoses shall consist of an oil and water resistant synthetic rubber lining, one or two layers of high tensile steel wire and an oil and weather resistant synthetic rubber cover.

Hose assemblies
Hose assemblies shall only be manufactured with those hose fittings whose functionality has been verified in all tests according to this standard.


Impulse test requirements
A.The impulse test shall be in accordance with ISO 6803. The test temperature shall be 100℃.
B.For type 1SC hose, when tested at impulse pressure equal to 125% of the maximum working pressure, the hose shall withstand a minimum of 150,000 impulse cycles.
C.For type 2SC, when tested at impulse pressure equal to 133% of the maximum working pressure, the hose shall withstand a minimum of 200,000 impulse cycles.

There shall be no leakage or other malfunction before reaching the specified number of cycles.
This test shall be considered a destructive test and test piece shall be thrown away.

Other requirements
Hydrostatic requirements
Minimum bend radius
Leakage of hose assemblies
Cold flexibility
Adhesion between components
Vacuum resistance
Abrasion resistance
Fluid resistance/Oil resistance/Water based fluid resistance/Water resistance/Ozone resistance

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